Love Concert Preview Jefferson Starship

Jefferson Starship 1st Year-Special Guest
San Francisco, CA

PAUL KANTNER, along with MARTY BALIN founded JEFFERSON AIRPLANE in 1965. THE AIRPLANE were the biggest rock group in America during the 1960s and the first San Francisco band to sign a major record deal, paving the way for other legends like GRATEFUL DEAD & JANIS JOPLIN. They headlined the original WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL in 1969 and like THE BEATLES with whom they are critically compared, lasted a mere 7 years ... though their influence and impact on rock music continues well into the 21st century.

Jefferson Airplane was an American rock band formed in San Francisco in 1965. A pioneer of the psychedelic rock movement, Jefferson Airplane was the first band from the San Francisco scene to achieve mainstream commercial and critical success.
The band performed at the three most famous American rock festivals of the 1960s—Monterey (1967), Woodstock (1969) and Altamont (1969)[—as well as headlining the first Isle of Wight Festival. Their recordings were internationally successful, and they scored two US Top 10 hit singles and a string of Top 20 albums. Their 1967 record Surrealistic Pillow is regarded as one of the key recordings of the so-called Summer of Loveand brought the group international recognition. Two chart hits from the album, "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit", are listed in Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time".Successor bands to Jefferson Airplane include Jefferson Starship and Starship; spinoffs include Hot Tuna and KBC Band. Jefferson Airplane was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

CATHY RICHARDSON is JEFFERSON STARSHIP’s newest member, anchoring the historic ‘role’ made famous by GRACE SLICK. She is an award winning music artist, graphic artist, and clothing designer. Her professional credits include fronting her successful rock band, producing and releasing seven albums on her various indie record labels. She was nominated for a GRAMMY Award for Art Direction of her band's 2003 release, “The Road to Bliss.”

Hal Bruce 9th Year
15th AROTR Event
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
AROTR Hall Of Famer: We are all so pleased to welcome Hal back to AROTR! Hal has done just about everything at AROTR. From solo shows to duets to midnight jams the man and his guitar has always set the standard for entertaining audiences. Most remembered for his organization and development of some of our biggest concerts, his herculean medley of 214 Beatles songs in the order they were released sets Hal apart from all others on the Beatles international stage, His accomplishements both at AROTR and across the universe could fill the entire page, so let's just leave it at-if you have seen him perfrom, you know what we mean-if you haven't, it's time you do. Ay?
All You Need Is Love 11th year
18th AROTR Event
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
AROTR Hall Of Fame Band: The vision of these talented musicians from Belleville, Ontario, Canada has always been to put the focus on the music. The Band specializes in the Studio Years from Rubber Soul to Abbey Road. Tipping the hat to great albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver, The White Album, Let It Be and Abbey Road. AYNIL is the only band to perform in every AROTR from Cleveland to Louisville to Scranton to Belleille to DC.

Andy Forgie...lead vocals, Mark Rashotte...lead guitars, Al Haring...guitar & vocals, Steve Smith...drums & vocals, Vitas Slapkauskas...bass guitar, Paul Lockyer...keyboards
Abbey Road LIVE! 8th year
13th AROTR Event
Athens, GA
For the 8th consecutive year Abbey Road LIVE! will rock the music of the Beatles at AROTR LV & DC. Initially a tribute to the monumental "Abbey Road" album, the band has expanded its scope to include more than 100 Beatles tunes, from all eras of the Fab Four's career. The band has presented start-to-finish album performances of masterpieces such as "Abbey Road", "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band".

Tim Conley -Dave Domizi - Andrew Hammer -Michael Wegner
Apple Core 3rd year
1st Louisville
Washington, DC
Formed in the summer of 2009 by seasoned and accomplished Washington, DC-based musicians, the Apple Core deliver with stunning accuracy and energy. With a rock solid rhythm section and exceptional vocalists, the band’s scholarly dedication to the Beatles’ original compositions is an experience not to miss.
Mark Lindamood - Drums, Vocals; Mike Dutton - Bass Guitar, Vocals; Eric Schlam - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals; Mark Owens - Guitar, Vocals; Andrew Ratliff - Vocals, Percussion
AXIS 5th year
Chicago, IL
AXIS will be performing the music of Jimi Hendrix to relive the sight and sounds of the late 1960's and will also perform a Beatles song..if you behave. 

Kelven Dyson (Guitar Vocals), Nick Verbic (Bass), Kevin Wik (Percussioni Vocals), John Greene (Percussion Vocals)
B4 and After 2nd year
Chicago, IL
B4 and After" with over 50 years of combined experience performing the music of "The Beatles" sets the stage and the dancefloor for an exciting event.
B4 and After" is untied to a specific time period of "The Beatles" which creates freedom for choosing songs, that allows the audience to experience time and the changes, they so magically created for all.

Bo Blider , Alex Evans, Jim Dunn, Gabe Sanchez, Mitch Fecht
Back End of Tomorrow
Louisville, KY
Back End of Tomorrow is an energetic cover band from Louisville KY/Southern Indiana. Their music runs from the 1960's thru today, from the Beatles & CCR to Country, to modern rock, they play it all. They are blessed with 4 great musicians who back up a killer vocalist (Holly Abbott). Holly recently performed on "American Idol", where he made it all the way to Hollywood for 4 days of intense competition. Her sultry soulful sound is an asset that any band would relish and is a joy to listen the guys that back her up; Colin Draper-Lead Guitar, Spencer Wise-Rhythm Guitar, Damian Peak-Bass/back up vocals and Ben Burkheart-Drums are solid experienced musicians in their own right. If you are ever in the Louisville area and need a music fix, look this band up, you won't be disappointed.
Blue Jay Way 3rd year
Evansville, IN
Led by the banshee wail of charismatic lead singer Alax Traylor and the wide-ranging musical talents of Joe Luegers and Travis Humbert, Blue Jay Way is what would happen if Janis Joplin fronted Led Zeppelin in a Beatles tribute band! (with a bit of the Who thrown in for good measure!). Re-energized by the addition of the phenomenal drummer/percussionist Tim Gaisser and augmented with special guest virtuoso guitarist Michael Cassidy, Blue Jay Way will be making their 3rd appearance at Abbey Road on the River! Make sure and bring something to AROTR to pick up your face with, because Blue Jay Way is guaranteed to melt it off with their rocking show!

Alax Traylor - Vocals, Joe Luegers - Guitar/Piano, Travis Humbert - Guitar/Piano/Percussion-Tim Gaisser --- Drums/Percussion
Michael Cassidy --- Guitar
BritBeat 4th year
6th AROTR event
Chicago, IL
One of the very best tribute bands in the world ! With mop tops, retro costumes, vintage instruments and harmonizing vocals, BritBeat Beatles Tribute Band performs all of the memorable Beatle hits from the sixties. BritBeat has performed all over the USA, including Alaska. James first appeared at the inaugural AROTR in Cleveland in 2002 and 2012 marks his 14th AROTR appearance.

James Paul Lynch - John Lennon; Chris Getsla - Paul McCartney; Dave Robinson - Ringo Starr; Jeff Isoe- George Harrison; Rick Sladek- Keyboard
Cheers Elephant 2nd year
1st Louisville

Philadelphia, PA
Often compared to The Beatles for their British Invasion-esque songwriting and 3 part harmonies, Cheers Elephant refreshes your ears by providing a raw sound that's reminiscent of real, live classic Rock and Roll with and indie, psychedelic twist. SInce 2007 Cheers Elephant has truly been on the forefront of the original music scene in Philadelphia, PA by providing a tight and energetic show that truly makes you stop and listen. CE debuted at AROTR DC 11 and quickly made 1,000s of fans.

2011 has proven to be a great year for Cheers Elephant- a SOLD OUT record release show, support for UK's The Go! Team, and playing "The Twist" with Chubby Checker have all confirmed one thing: people dig Cheers Elephant. So why not take a swig? The buzz is good.
Det Betales 2nd year
Drammen, Norway

“Det Betales have been making tribute to the world’s greatest music for over 30 years now. with their unique sound, talented musicians and stage performance they founded their own arena and have performed all across the world. already famous for making the crowds go wild in Liverpool every august - last year Det Betales was handpicked to rock at matthew street music festival with guest star Tony Sheridan. These guys always put up a great show and their easy-going style makes the audience feel right at home. don’t miss this opportunity to experience the real rock’n’roll of the Beatles.” DET BETALES does different kind of venues; plain concerts, events or tailored musical shows portraying The Beatles music thorugh the 60s era. We seldom ever use setlists, instead taking requests from the audience making more dynamic performances. Visually we like to remind people of The Beatles not copying them,

Tor Olsen: vocals, guitar, Øyvind Kristoffersen: vocals, guitar Bernt Michael Johansen: vocals, bass
Dag Svartskuren: guitar, Rolf Øyvind Hæg: drums, Erling Hegnander: keys

Digby 5th year
Louisville, KY
A mix of Beatle's songs, classic rock, soul, and blues, played with an original twist. Along with a mix of original tunes that have a definite Beatle influence. 

Paul Moeller - Lead vocals; Rich Oeffinger - Guitar; Ben Schneider - Bass; Mark Book - Drums
Drew Harrison 5th year
7th AROTR event
San Francisco, CA
Drew is the Lennon vocalist of The Sun Kings and more recently has created a second band, The Plastic Fauxno Band who presents a 9-piece concert tribute to Lennon's solo career. At AROTR he will perform 'In the Spirit of Lennon', a very special acoustic show celebrating the life and music of John Lennon.
Frankie Rae 8th year
11th AROTR event
Hagerstown, PA
Dad and Daughter performing songs by George Harrison, as well as The Beatles and other 1960's groups such as the Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, The Monkees and The Byrds. Also taking requests from the audience.

Sam Pellegrino -12 String Guitar, 6 String Guitar; Jessica Bickers - 6 String Guitar
Gary Quinn 7th year
10th AROTR event
Leeds, England
Classic Songs from John and George. From the early days of Beatle Mania through the solo years of Imagine to Brainwashed. Hits and Rareties. (also does Paul songs on request). A versatile performer, indeed.
Heathen's Halo

Heathen's Halo is a multi-genre trio from Southwest Ohio composed of three multi-instrumentalists. With no fear of song selection, tunes from The Beatles to Bill Monroe, the only sure thing that you’re going to get is great music! Each member plays at least 2-3 instruments and switches often. With Bluegrass instrumentation, great originals and fun crowd interaction it’s bound to be a great ride!

Jimmy Pou
World famous George Harrison tribute will perform solo covering a variety of Harrison's work both with The Beatles and from his solo career. Jimmy has perfomed at AROTR SINCE 2002, and is now touring with RAIN. Also as a special added attraction, Jimmy will be performing as George with The Hollywood Beetles.
Leela Dawson
Bowie, MD

With over 14 years of performing, Leela Dawson has developed a deep passion for music. She studied classical piano under Dr. Carol Wolf-Ralf and rock and roll under Jeremy Sorenson. She was trained in the studio of Polly Parr Corretier as a classical singer. The original inspiration for Leela’s music came from her father’s love of the Beatles. It has since expanded to include Rock ‘n Roll, Soul, and Indie/Folk, and prog rock genres. Leela took piano lessons for 12 years and is self-taught guitar, banjo, mandolin and several other instruments. The list continues to grow!Singing accomplishments include the High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall in February of 2011. She was one of 200 students in the nation to perform live under the direction of Dr. Eph Ely. She has won seven vocal competitions under MSMTA. She has placed and won piano competitions as well through the MPTG.

Lucy In The Sky 5th year
Cologne, Westerwald, Germany

For about 20 years Lucy In The Sky have been touring through many countrys all of the world. They have visited Great Britain (Matthew Street Festival Liverpool), Scotland (John Lennon Northern Light Festival), France, Spain, Belarus and Russia. They are doing their own versions of the greatest Beatles songs - a german newspaper once wrote about them: "If the Beatles played today, they would sound like Lucy In The Sky." The band is happy to be part of the Abbey Road On The River Festival in Louisville this year!

Peter Seel (vocals, rhythm guitar), Bernd Gudernatsch (vocals, bass), Dirk Lamm (vocals, lead guitar), Robin Achenbach (vocals, drums)

Madmen Across the Water 1st AROTR event
Louisville, KY

Madmen Across The Water was put together expressly for the Mother Lodge Festival in Louisville last summer.  The performance was so well received that the band was drafted in to performing at the Festival’s closing party.  It’s built around the solo act of Joe D’Amato.  Madmen Across The Water includes Louisville natives Butch Ellis and Rob Edwards.

Mallory Lennon
Chicago, IL
Yep, that’s her real name.
OK, it’s her first and middle name, but one should take fortune where they find it. Those who might find sacrilege in this invocation of a sainted handle can rest assured that it’s in good hands. In this case, a young (born 1992) woman who more than personifies a great and grand American tradition.

Carole King, Janis Ian, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell-if there was a Mount Rushmore of Female singer/songwriters, this would be the likely crew. What made them stand out? A short list would say: Hyper-intelligent lyrics that express complex emotions and situations in ways that anyone could understand, distinctive melodies, and an unforgettable voice.

So what makes Mallory Lennon so special? Hyper-intelligent lyrics that express complex emotions and situations in ways that anyone can understand, distinctive melodies, and an unforgettable voice.

The hyper-intelligence has proof-she finished High School in 3 years, is now finishing her associates and running towards her Doctorate in English. She’s also played Carnegie Hall. Born in ’92, mind you. One thing is for sure…the girl has drive.

Mario DaSilva 8th year
13th AROTR event
Sao Paulo, BR /Nashville, TN

Mario da Silva since 2005 has been one of the most important artists to perform at Abbey Road on the river.

Internationally recognized as one of the worlds greatest classical guitar players, Mario has extended his talents to the Beatles songbook, and has provided origianl interpretations that are beautiful, inspirational, and awe-inspiring.

His son James, a prodigy in his own right teams up with Mario on many of his songs, proving once again that talent runs in talented families.

Mark Staycer, Imagine Lennon 5th year
7th AROTR event
Traverse City, MI

The inaugural AROTR in 2002 was also Mark's debut as "ImagineLennon." Over the course of the past decade, Mark has travelled and performed his stunning one-man show around the world.
Some highlights include a 2-month tour of Japan as well as a featured role in the Indie Canadian film "Let Him Be." A pair of new films are "in the works" for 2012 as well as more performances "across the pond." Pleased to enjoy selections from the Beatles & solo career catalogs, as well as songs from the artists who influenced them. Add some original songs from the "Let Him Be" soundtrack and a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Thank you. You've got a lucky face. The end.

Meet The Beetles USA 2nd year  
Chicago, IL
Whether recreating the concerts or the psychedelic late sixties, Meet The Beetles brings an energy to the stage that is sure to lead to Beatlemania.

James Hondros, Scott Carlson, Scott Riforgiate, Eric Jensen
Meet The Beatles: The Ultimate Fab Forgery UK 1st year debut  
U.K, England, Rugby Town,Warwickshire County

Meet the Beatles are one of the finest new tributes to The Beatles. From the costumes they wear to the perfect harmonies and all the original instruments, they deliver the most authentic sound and look since the sixties. It's worth mentioning that Steve (normally plays right handed) from the band has even got to the lengths of learning to play bass guitar left handed! Much like Paul McCartney. We think you'll agree that's real attention to detail!

Playing all the hits from the early Moptop days through to the final rooftop performance, this is surely a night not to be missed. Take a step back in time and recapture the glorydays of the original merseybeat sound with these four fresh faces on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Michael Barrett 4th year
San Francisco, CA
With an 11 year stint as founding member, multi-instrumentalist, orchestrator and Paul McCartney vocalist in 'The Sun Kings', Michael's love of the Beatles and joyous stage presence are well known to fans from San Francisco to Washington DC. He also plays keyboards in the John Lennon solo tribute 'Plastic Fauxno Band'. At AROTR, Michael will present an intimately rocking slice of the Beatles catalog ranging from obvious hits to deep album cuts, solo and with a little help from his friends as surprise musical guests.
Mr. Wonderful Production Band 8th year
Louisville, KY

Summer of Love Day; Focusing on Classic R&B, MR. Wonderful performs songs from bands like, "The New Birth, Ohio Players, Kool & the Gang, Otis Redding, and The Late Mr. Michael Jackson. This Show is full of funk, so come out & shake what your MaMa gave You. 

Saul Wright [Drummer], Angelo Lovely [Trumpet], Izzy Sutton [Tenor Sax,vocals], Skip Wilson [Bassit], Tanya Myers [Trombone], Charles Conley [ Keyboards], Tanya Myers [vocals], Tom Jones [Congos], Ron Lewis [vocals/guitar

Nervous Melvin and the Mistakes

For over 25 years, Nervous Melvin and the Mistakes has delivered high energy dance music to audiences throughout the eastern United States.

Band members include Todd on rhythm guitar and lead vocals; Dennis on lead guitar, bass, and vocals; Scott on drums; and Don on bass guitar, keyboards, and vocals.
Nevermind The Bullocks 6th year
9th AROTR event

Greensboro, NC
Dad and Daughter, Stan and Mandie Bullock have performed together and separately as Wonderwall and Never Mind the Bullocks at Abbey Road on the River since 2005. Special guest, this year, includes Marc Diffendal, also an original member of Wonderwall, on bass guitar and third part vocal harmony.  This year, Never Mind the Bullocks perform Beatle hits and more obscure gems which are sometime overlooked.   You will not want to miss these special shows!
Peter Conrad 11th year
16th AROTR event
Columbus, OH

Veteran of every AROTR there ever was! Peter gives the solo acoustic treatment to the full breadth of George Harrison’s music, including his Beatle days, his solo career, and as a Traveling Wilbury, along with a mixture of other Fab-related songs.
“Peter rocked out with his George Harrison-inspired guitar, while smiling and entertaining the crowd. After we chatted, he handed me one of his solo CDs and I played it on the way home. WOW! is all I can say. If ever you have the chance to see Peter Conrad live, take it!"

- Allison Ray - Louisville - 6/6/11

Scott & Dave 9th year
Pittsburg, PA
Scott and Dave perform their "John & Paul Unplugged" (with a touch of George) exclusively at Abbey Road on the River.
Known for their tight harmonies, they are one half of The Elliotts.
Sixty Four 2nd year  
Nashville, TN

SixtyFour is a Beatles cover band from the Nashville Tennessee area.  They’ll stop you short of saying they’re a “tribute” act, for you won’t see any Nehru jackets or mop-tops on stage.  Instead, they do their best to recreate the experience of listening to the Beatles records that left such an imprint on their -- and our -- musical consciousness, while at the same time reminding you that the Beatles were, first and foremost, a rock ‘n’ roll band.

Each man a music industry veteran, these five were a big hit at last year’s Abbey Road On The River, and are back again to further impress.  

Mark Lee Townsend (guitar/vocals), J.R. McNeely (bass/vocals), Dr. Steve Guthrie (keyboards/vocals/percussion), Stephen Leiweke (guitars), and Chris Cooke (drums/vocals) put on a show you will NOT want to miss!

Steve Sizemore Group 8th year
13th AROTR event
Lexington, KY

The Steve Sizemore Group sticks to a proven formula of no-frills rock n' roll: good hooks, melodies, rich harmonies, and loud guitars. Never concerned with being the next big thing, they have simply stuck to creating straightforward rock and roll. With 5 original albums to its credit and a host of various artist compilation credits, SSG's last studio album, Beautiful Dust, received critical acclaim and was featured at independent music industry showcases such as International Pop Overthrow and the NAMM Show. Presently the band is working on its 6th original album.

As an 8-year veteran of the world's largest Beatles inspired music festival, Abbey Road on the River, SSG is proud to have put its signature on the most celebrated body of work in music history. Joe Carducci, Marketing Manager of Gretsch Guitars, has coined the Steve Sizemore Group "the Beatles on rocket fuel." In 2010, SSG released a live Beatles tribute album called A Night in the Life, and it is available for streaming on the MUSIC page of A Night in the Life serves as a great example of Steve Sizemore Group's stage energy.

If you want to dance, sweat, and party all night long, this is your band.

Steve Sizemore: Vocals, Guitar, Matt Ballenger: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Piano, Paul Felice: Vocals, Lead Guitar,Pat Giacone: Drums, Vocals

Torn & Frayed (formerly Tattoo Babylon)
Louisville, KY

Formed in late 2011, Torn & Frayed plays Stones classics from the golden era (the late '60s through the '70s). 

Comprising of 9 members, T&F recreates all the flavors of the timeless music of the Rolling Stones, and attempts to give respects to all the decades of music that the Stones have created though the years.

Torn & Frayed does not try to BE the Stones, but instead attempts to create the aura and vibe that IS the music of the Rolling Stones.

So please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Torn & Frayed ... come on out, and get your Stones on!

Torn & Frayed is composed of 9 well established Louisville musicians: Hunter Embry - Vocals Mike Nix - Guitar GM Wigginton - Guitar Brendan Mullaney - Bass Steve Sturgill - Keys Tom Murray - Drums Tim Harris - Sax Rachel Hagan - Vocals Jess Langer - Vocals

The Apples
A delightful tribute to the best band that ever existed or ever will. Some surprises and other 60's favorite cuts will be included for variety.

The Blue Meanies 8th year
10th AROTR event
New York, NY
Each band member of The Blue Meanies is a Beatles fan and they continue to perform select songs from The Beatles extensive catalog in their shows. It will be a glorious mixture of Beatles, solo, and assorted 60's songs

Gary Owen-Guitar; Scott Ringle-Guitar; John Thomas-Drums; Damian Fanelli-Lead Guitar; Antony Fanelli-Bass; Brian Cancemi-Guitar
The Brothel Creepers 1st year
Bologna, Italy
The Brothel Creepers, named after the crepe soled shoes made famous by Teddy Boys in the late fifties, are an Italian rock/psychobilly band.

The Brothel Creepers offer a sparkling setlist covering the Rock ‘N’ Roll years, with songs from Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, all the way to The Beatles and The Stray Cats.

Since their formation in March 2008 the band has amassed many gigs in pubs and venues all over Italy and England, including their fantastic debut at Beatle Week in Liverpool.

The Brothel Creepers are Riccardo Naldi (vocals, guitar); Riccardo Turrini (guitar); Alessio Mauro (drums) and Federico Aurilia (bass).
The Cavernites 1st year
Liverpool, England , UK
The Cavernites are a Four piece Sixties tribute band from Liverpool who perform an authentic recreation of a pop group during the Beatlemania years, the closest you can get to being back to the Sixties, they perform a Sixties tribute show that recreates the vibrant sounds and atmosphere of the Swinging Sixties.

The band take their name from the fan club members of The Cavern Club in Liverpool, the most famous club in the world, the club that saw the birth of The Beatles and showcased all the top bands during the Sixties.

The Cavernites recreate this era performing classic hits from groups like The Beatles, The Searchers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Mersey’s, The Hollies, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and many other hit groups from the Sixties.

The Cavernites are: Glenn Mitchell Rhythm Guitar vocals, Glen Griffiths Lead Guitar vocals, Derrek Griffiths Bass Guitar vocals, Darren Jones Drums vocals.
The Classical Strings 8th year
12th AROTR event
Louisville, KY
Led by 1st Violinist Rachel Blanton, AROTR's own string and horn septet has performed on every concept concert we have presented. The list includes Love, Pepper, Mystery Tour, White Album, and Abbey Road megasized.
The Cryers 6th year
9th AROTR event
Freehold, NJ
The Cryers have been performing since 1991, throughout the U.S.A. & Canada, as well as their home base of NJ/NY. The band performs with gutsy exuberance, tunes from the multifaceted roster of Rock 'n Roll, breathing new life into timeless classics. The Cryers will be performing their renditions of hard rock Beatles, Solo Beatles, plus Hollies, Badfinger and other great artists of the British Invasion.

Joe Orlando - Vocals, Bass; Belle Liao - Vocals, Keyboard; Jeff Brown - Vocals, Guitar; Roger Wolford- Drums
The Desperate Romantics 7th year
8th AROTR event
Bromma & Stockholm-Stockholm, Sweden

Formerly known as The Repeatles. A unique 60s tribute band based in Stockholm, Sweden. The best music from the most happening decade done by four individuals who love, understand and honour the bands of this era. The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, the list is endless and the beat is on!

Desperate Romantics is a group based around Jan Leonard’s songs, rooted in 70s power pop with a touch of the Beatles and the Who.

Peter Beck - Guitar, vocals; Jan Leonard Borgh - Guitar, vocals; Gunnar Karlstein - Bass, vocals; Stephan Kling - Drums, vocals

The Elliotts 6th year  
Pittsburgh, PA
The Elliotts play the best of The British Invasion featuring songs by The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Yarbirds, and, of course, The Beatles.

Dave Romesberg- lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars; Scott Johnson- bass guitar, vocals; John Bechtold- electric guitars, vocals; Billy O'Connor- drums, vocals

The English Channel 3rd year
4th AROTR event
Richmond, VA
The English Channel (All English, All the Time) performs British hits of the 60's and early 70's...classic rock & pop songs from The Beatles, Stones, Dusty Springfield, The Who, The Hollies, Cream, Petula Clark, Yes, The Zombies, Moody Blues, Lulu, The Yardbirds, & many others. Each song is meticulously recreated to sound just like the original recording, just like you remember it.

Julie Quarles- vocals and percussion, Bob Quarles- keyboards and vocals, Marion Hodges- guitar and vocals, Buzzy Lawler- guitar and vocals, Richard Cowles- bass and vocals, Bobby "Rico" Antonelli- drums
The Goodfellas
Formed just 3 years ago, Goodfellas quickly pieced together a large array of songs composed by the greatest band of all time and perform throughout the Washington, DC metro area. Their thirst for All Things Beatles is unquenchable! Their beginning was somewhat accidental as it took place on- line........Craigslist of all places! Gary placed an ad to get a rock and roll band together. After a number of phone calls, a few e- mails and a bit of a good vibe, Ray, Mark, Jonny and Frankie joined Gary to jam one afternoon only to find out that every guy in the room was a dyed-in-the-wool Beatles fanatic! Funny how things work out, and it proves once again that you can find anything on the internet!

The Goodfellas, a Beatles tribute band, is the collaboration of Gary Sykes (rhythm Guitar), Ray Futran (Lead Guitar), Mark Loveland (guitars), Frank Murray, (Bass) and Jonny Rock (Drums).
The Hollywood Beetles 1st year debut
Southern California

Regarded by many as the finest and most exciting Beatles tribute band to hit the scene in a long time. The group provides the most accurate representation you can get with four dedicated band members emulating their characters both vocally and visually with complete accuracy.The group uses authentic Vox amplifiers and original instruments as they walk their audience through the Beatles "eras" with period costume changes. 

The band reproduce all their songs with astounding accuracy to the point where it becomes impossible to distinguish the sound from the original recordings. As an added bonus, the mannerisms and the on stage humor make the experience eerily believable and is positively an experience that no Beatle fan would want to miss.

The Johnny Doughnut Experience 8th year
Louisville, KY
High energy, party band performance. Harmonies abound. Fun guaranteed in writing! 

Johnny Doughnut- Guitar and vocals Marty Miller- Bass and vocals Ernie Duckwall- Drums Vicki Miller- Vocals
The Kukes
The Kentuckiana Ukulele Society (KUKES) has been around in various forms over the past few years. The present lineup consists mostly of people that were at the Jake Shimabukuro concert in Louisville last February and decided to persue their love of the ukulele in a more organized way. The group is open to all and there are no audition requrements. We have players at all levels and play music from artists like Jimmy Buffett, Peter Paul & Mary, The Eagles, Jim Croce, and The Beatles.
Many Beatles songs sound great on the ukulele due to their interesting chord progressions and vocal harmonies. We are very excited about playing at Abbey Road on the River this year and look forward to entertaining you!

The LSB Experience 1st year debut  
Bussum, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

In the summer of 2010 Marcel Luntungan, Hans Sligter and Sjoerd van den Broek performed together for the first time during a session in cafe "De Peuk" in Bussum, The Netherlands. These three men being good singers individually and holding a respectable track record as musicians in various bands and projects was already a known fact, but this spontaneous joint action appears to be a classic example of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. And so a new band arises; The LSB Experience. A binding factor and an important musical inspiration for the new band is the American so called “West Coast Sound". Several British acts that are known for using rich harmony vocal arrangements also form a common passion. The LSB Experience setlist now includes songs from: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, The Eagles, Venice, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac and Crowded House, to mention just a few names.The LSB Experience also appears with a rhythm section. This 5-piece band, with on drums Peter Deiman and on bass Rob Hendriks, shifts toward the more dynamic, arranged and swinging songs within the repertoire, thus creating an even greater variation in the sound and making the band more versatile.

On AROTR 2012 the LSB Experience will perform as a 5 piece band, also doing a Beatles set !!
Hans Sligter and Sjoerd van den Broek played in 2011 AROTR Washington with "The Old Brown Shoes ".

The Newbees 4th year
6th AROTR event
Cincinnati, OH
Live Strings at every show---Five Lead Singers----male and female performers---Mach Schau. ReaLove----personal favs and deep cuts for Beatles scholars, with a LOVE inspired medley rounding out the night.

Jeff Perholtz - Guitar/Vocals, Misty Perholtz - Guitar/Vocals, Tim Seiwert - Drums/Vocals, Alex Lusht - Bass/Vocals, Jesse Jordan - Piano/Vocals;

Alexandra Hiew, Carl Larson, Smiliana Lozanova, Yuliyan Stoyanov - Violin, Greg Noland, Vince Scacchetti - Viola, Ellen Nettleton, Mark Kosmala - Cello
The Norwegian Beatles 4th year
Alta, Norway
Coming from Alta in Norway. We probably are the northernmost Beatles tribute band in the world. It started out when we were just kids. Listening to cassettes and collecting every piece of picture or magazine article we could find about the Beatles. We formed our first band at the age of 11. And even before we had guitars we used to sing Beatles songs to the beat of a snare drum, which we had borrowed from our local school orchestra. Now, about thirty years later we are still in love with that music.

Bjorn Conrad Berg- guitars and vocals, Kjetil Linnes- bass and vocals, Hovard Pedersen- guitars, Kai Skimelid- drums, Vegar Fagerhaug Johansen- keyboards
The Pranksters 8th year
Louisville, KY
Summer of Love Day : Louisville's great 60's band, Covering: The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, Santana, Grateful Dead, Donovan, Arlo Guthrie, Hendrix, Cream, Doors, Allman Bros, etc.

R.D. Miller- acoustic guitar and vocal, Tom Browning- lead guitar and vocal, Rick Ennis- drums and percussion, Ed Snead- bass guitar, Rico Thomas- bass guitar
The Rigbys 8th year  
Louisville, KY
Louisville's premier Beatles cover band, The Rigbys have performed at AROTR since 2005. They have also led the popular O' darlin singing contest.Keyboardist Mark Beyer has arrnged and performed in several of the AROTR main concerts.
The Traveling Beatleburys 6th year
9th AROTR event
Columbus, OH
“The Traveling Beatleburys put on one of the best shows, putting their own spin on songs performed by members of the Traveling Wilburys, which included, of course, George Harrison. They extended the numbers as one can do on stage, instead of merely trying to imitate the sound on Beatle recordings. Then they covered songs by other Wilburys, including Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.”
- the, Washington, DC – 9/7/10

Peter Conrad – lead guitar & vocals * Sam Pellegrino – guitar & vocals * Phil Berube – bass guitar & vocals * Kevin Ashba – keyboards & vocals * Bruce E. Goll - drums & percussion
The Twiggenburys 1st year
1st AROTR event
Lexington, KY
The Twiggenburys formed out of their love for British music (and humor). They cover a wide range of British bands from all eras of rock. From The Beatles, Stones, The Who, and The Kinks, to Mumford & Sons, Muse and The Fratellis. But this weekend, mostly Beatles. The Twiggenburys have a standing gig on the first Friday of every month at The Pub Lexington, where they've built an outstanding following (and an outstanding balance on their bar tab).

Stig, Sir Richard, Trevor and Harry Twiggenbury are played by Steve Broderson (guitar), James Weeks (bass), Kevin Holm-Hudson (keyboards, guitar) and Tim Patterson (drums). This is the The Twiggenburys' first year debut at Abbey Road on The River. So be nice.
The Yellow SubMorons 7th year  
Chicago, IL
On January 21, 1959 the Rutles story began at 43 Egg Lane, Liverpool, where Ron Nasty and Dirk McQuickly first bumped into each other. Ron invited Dirk to help him stand up. Dirk, merely an ameteur drinker, agreed and on that spot a legend was created, a legend that will last a lunchtime. They were soon to be joined by Stig O'Hara, a guitarist of no fixed hairstyle, but it would be another two years before they found their regular drummer, Barrington Womble, hiding in the van. When they did, they persuaded him to change his name to save time and his haircut to save Brylcreem. He became simply Barry Wom.

The Yellow SubMorons present Morons & Maniacs Parade , Street Festival, Tea Party, Carnivale, & Costume Gala! Ron, Dirk, Stig, Barry, and a cast of thousands including Nicole Nigh, James Hondros, Gary Vacha, Scott Carlson
Timeline 4th AROTR event
Nashville, TN
CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Traveling Wilburys, Grass Roots, & others. BEATLES : You Won't See Me, I'll Be Back, What You're Doin', Got To Get You Into My Life, & You Can't Do That. You pick the decade(s), they'll play the music. Playing 50's, 60's, 70's, & 80's. 

Bob Wilson - vocals, 6 & 12 string guitar; Chris Schafer - vocals, bass; Phil Wolfe - vocals, keyboard, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica; David Chandler - drums, percussion

Union Jack British Invasion Band 4th year
5th AROTR event
Southampton, MA
UnionJack British Invasion Band has presented Beatles’ themed shows at AROTR including “The First Washington DC Concert Show”, “Beatles Movie Tunes” “Saturday Night Beatles Dance Party” and the popular “ History of the British Invasion on the Ed Sullivan Show”. Featuring tunes from the Appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show of the Beatles, Dave Clark 5, Searchers, Gerry & The Pacemakers, BJ Kramer & Dakotas, Peter & Gordon, Stones and many more. The Ed Sullivan Show introduced Beatlemania and The British Invasion to America in 1964. Hear the tunes that brought the Merseybeat to the USA and see what UJ conjures up in 2011!!

David Lempke - Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Gary Wilkinson - Rythym Guitar, Lead Vocals, Jim Brown - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Les Bowler - Bass, Vocals, Jim O'Connor - Keyboards
Whiplash 4th year  
Louisville, KY
Dynamic teen cover band that presents powerful classic rock music beyond their years.

Alex Glasser ~ lead vocals, harmonica; Will Husband~ lead guitar; Jackson Hallahan ~ drums; Dylan Risinger ~ bass; Tyler Risinger ~ guitar
Wild Honey Pies 3rd year
Cincinnati, OH/ New York, NY
Misty Perholtz, the Queen Bee of The Newbees pairs up with Brooke Jacob, the Queen of Bobby Mcgee-ers with an all new wild rocking set of Janis, The Beatles, Little Richard and more.

Jeff Perholtz - Misty Perholtz - Tim Seiwert -Alex Lusht - Jesse Jordan - Brooke Jacob
Wingsbanned 3rd year
Windsor, Buckinghmashire, England, U.K
Band On The Run album and so much more from this great Windsor, Eng based band. Neighbors to the Queen, she sometimes mistakes them for Sir Paul rehearsing and asks them to turn up the volume. The best of McCartney - Beatles, Wings and solo, rockers and ballads!

Johnny Heywood, Lee Herbert, Ian Herbert, Martin Fleming, Amy Gibb
Wooldridge Bros. 5th AROTR event
Louisville, KY

Led by duPont Manual High School Head Principal , and sons star quarterback Ian and Andy, this is one family band that does not drop out.

Professor Wooldridge also leads a popular "Paul Is Dead", discussion at AROTR U. 

Larry Wooldridge-vocals and guitar, Ian Wooldridge -lead guitar and keys, Andy Wooldridge - drums, Riley Wooldridge, Tim Gipson- bass and vocals

Please note:
While it is our intention and planto bring every band listed to the event,
we know, based on past experience, there will be cancelations.
We reserve the right to modify this lineup at any time.
We plan to announce at least 20 more acts in January.

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